Thursday, December 22, 2011

I got accepted!!!

Finally got word that I will be attending CCAD next spring! Crazy excited about it! Ready to really start pushing towards my career goals! Got my acceptance packet in the mail today with all kinds of cool stuff in it! 2012 is going to be a great year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gearing up to start Deathline! Jan 1

                    Cant wait to start 2012! This has been a rough year. Ready to begin a new one! Working hard to catch a good deal on an Intuos3 or 4 on Ebay or Amazon. My bamboo was damaged during a recent move and then lost my pen! lol Life... So Dec 28-31, ill be done with Winter Intersession classes at OU and I'm going to take those couple days to begin planning for my Deathline schedule, and implement Jan 2 to kick off the new year. If anybody wants to join me at the start of the New Year start thinking about your goals, we can exchange some ideas, and lets get better together in 2012. The Crimson Daggers Art Study Group are set to be in ImagineFX magazine featuring a column on the Deathline Challenge and how its inspiring artist to get serious about improving their skills and achieving their artistic, financial, personal, and health goals. Taking the power away from the dreaded New Years Resolution that we all break on Jan. 2nd! lol Well, like I said....I'll be spending those days doing real planning and scheduling thinks for the next 12 months and keep a daily log the best I possibly can. For those who didn't already know....go to the links and check it out to see if your interested. Hit me up in the comments if your join!